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This site is designed to provide the best restaurant ,bar, lounge, and hotel specials and deals available in Atlantic City and surrounding towns.  It is designed to allow you to save hundreds and even thousands of dollars by taking advantage of the deals provided by this site’s participanting restaurants, bars, lounges, casinos, and hotels.   The very same establishments that you currently patronize.

The easiest way to search this site is individual county , or a specific town in that county where we have participating establishments, just click where you want to go in the “CATEGORIES” listed on the sidebar.  The “CATEGORIES” are in alphabetical order by county and then by individual town.  All information is always presented in chronoligical order, with the most current specials first.

To find all the current deals in all counties in chronoligical order please click on the appropriate month located on the sidebar named ‘ARCHIVES”.  For instance, if you are on the site in April, just click on April and you will get in chronological order ,with most recent first, all deals in April.  If you want to see past deals in chronological order just click on previous months in the “ARCHIVES” sidebar.   Please remember that all counties will show up.

At the top of the sidebar you will see our “SEARCH” tool, which is another great tool available on our site.   Let’s say that you want to see all the  “weekly specials” in all Counties, all you have to do is enter “weekly specials” and they will come up in chronoligal order with the most recent first.  You can use the “SEARCH’ tool to search for “Early Bird Specials, your favorite band performing in the area, an “Irish Pub”, or “two for one dinners”, or “happy hours”. The way to use the “SEARCH” tool is endless.  Play around with it and see how easy it is to search and find exactly what you are looking for and start saving money today.

Enjoy our website and come back often.  www.atlanticcityfoodguide.com

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