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Tony Boloney’s, Atlantic City Indigenous Pizza Subs and Bad A$$ Grub for how long?

People trying to go to Tony Boloneys in Atlantic City NJ find Pizzeria and Sub shop closed, boarded up, un kept, and in need of major maintenance.

It’ s no secret that Tony Boloneys , 300 Oriental Ave., Atlantic City, NJ has cut back their days of operation and hours dramatically.

The area is more desolate than ever, suffering from high crime and numerous murders in the area recently.

Not only a neighborhood of closed and vacant Casino’s and Hotels , but also thousands of empty and abandoned lots and buildings.   The homeless have made many of these buildings their own by squatting and illegally occupying them.  Increasing the crime in the area.

We have had very negative reports from visitors in the area.  One such notable report is of a visitor who stayed in a neighboring property to Tony Boloney’s on Oriental Ave., Atlantic City, NJ and in the course of one night , about six hours had the following crimes committed:

1.) Theft of electric meters in surrounding buildings;

2.) Theft of a car stereo from a car, and major break in damage, parked in front of building;

3.) A mugging and robbery of a neighbor on her way home from work.

Now, add to that numerous murders.

OK , so what gives?

If truly “a picture is worth a thousand words” like the old saying goes, then Tony Boloneys in Atlantic City appears from the picture to be having major “indigenous pizza, subs , and bad ass grub” problems. Click on picture to expand and  see broken glass door boarded up with discarded plywood and blue tarp, as well as not repaired broken windows on second floor offices, etc.

Closed , boarded up and not maintained Tony Boloneys Pizza & subs

Closed , boarded up and not maintained Tony Boloneys Pizza & subs

There is also in effect  a BOYCOTT OF TONY BOLONEY’S, which we agree with and endorse.

The reasons can be found at .

We encourage everyone to read about it and make their own decision to Boycott.

Anyway you look at it the Tony Boloney success of “Uncle Paul,” documented here over the years, has now turned into a pending disaster due to the mismanagement of Gregory Hauke and his son Michael Hauke.

Of course the high crime doesn’t help, but we believe mismanagement and overexpansion is proving to be the down fall of Tony Boloney’s.  “Uncle Paul” the founder of Tony Boloney’s predicted this years ago in an interview with this website, after he turned over Tony Boloney’s to his nephew Michael Hauke and his brother Gregory J Hauke.  Check and read all previous interviews and postings on this site.

In the meantime we will all have to wait and see if Tony Boloney’s in Atlantic City continues in such a deplorable condition.  if you see this deplorable condition out front, one has to wonder what the condition is where you do not see?  Successful restaurant owners will tell you that “first impressions are the most important.”  The “first impression” from Tony Boloney’s is scary and certainly not appetizing.

Our belief is that Tony Boloney’s might just be considering closing their Atlantic City location.  If they want to remain open then they need to do some major maintenance on the location and keep it maintained.

They also must resolve the Boycott issues.  That is only fair.  For more info about the Boycott issues go to

In relation to the Boycott issue is the way Gregory Hauke, Riverside Dr.. Atlantic City, NJ mistreated  his own mom.  The disturbing history can be seen at

Everyone must work to stop Elder Abuse and Estate Rape.  Start today.

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