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We again welcome back “Uncle Paul” Hauke , one of the original founders of Tony Boloney’s Indigenous Pizza in Atlantic City, NJ .

We want to thank you for your prior interviews about the beginning and the development of Tony Boloney’s Indigenous Pizzeria in Atlantic City, NJ.

Now we would like to know more about you.

Atlantic City Food Guide:  Ok , we know you are a celebrity in your own right.  But what about the other celebrities you have met in the past?

“Uncle Paul”:    Yes, being a founder of Tony Boloney’s Restaurant in Atlantic City has brought me a celebrity status in the Jersey Shore area.  Being interviewed by the web site Pauly D Jersey Shore and of course this web site, Atlantic City Food Guide, and others, has kept me in the spotlight.  I get recognized from the many people involved in the Tony Boloney’s Restaurant and Pizzeria construction, the workers at the Revel Resort Casino, and the many Tony Boloney patrons  quite often when I’m in Atlantic City.  As a matter of fact not long ago I was in Harrah’s at the nightclub “The Pool” and had a few people come to me and say “hey, you’re the Tony Boloney’s Pizza man “Uncle Paul”.  Thinking back, I had a similar situation at the Golden Nugget, The Revel , and on the Caesar’s Pier.

Atlantic City Food Guide:  OK, so how about a picture?

“Uncle Paul”:  Well, first of all let me tell you that it is great to be recognized as “Uncle Paul”.  Everyone who came up to me were delighted to meet me and could not stop telling and thanking me for all the good that I have done for  Atlantic City .  I make a point of reminding them that it is not only me , but the entire Tony Boloney staff and crew.  I make sure to thank all the volunteers who volunteered their time during the Pizza Slaughter Fests that were had in the past.  If it were not for all the volunteers the Pizza Slaughter Fests would have never happened.  Special thanks to the Atlantic City Government and all the departments, with special thanks to the Atlantic City Police and Fire Departments.    Now, I’ll give you a picture of me and my good friend and a great comedian, Mike Marino.

"Uncle Paul" Hauke With Comedian Mike Marino At Tony Boloney's Pizza

"Uncle Paul" Hauke With Comedian Mike Marino At Tony Boloney's Pizza

Atlantic City Food Guide:  Hey , that’s great.  Any other favorites?

“Uncle Paul”:  One of my favorite pictures of the May, 2011 Tony Boloney’s Pizza Slaughterfest is the original Tony Boloney and Mrs. Boloney.  Of course, I’m talking about my parents and Mike Hauke’s grandfather and grandmother.  We came up with the Tony Boloney name because my father would jokingly call me Tony Boloney.  Here’s to you grandfather and senior Tony Boloney.

Senior Tony Boloney and Mrs. Boloney at Tony Boloney's Pizza Slaughterfest 2011

Senior Tony Boloney and Mrs. Boloney at Tony Boloney's Pizza Slaughterfest 2011

Atlantic City Food Guide:  That’s a great picture.  Did you take that picture?

“Uncle Paul”: Yes I took the picture.  I always made sure that my Dad and Mom were always involved in everything I did.

Atlantic City Food Guide:    Well, it looks like they are very proud of you for being one of the founders and the driving force of Tony Boloney’s Pizza Restaurant.

“Uncle Paul”:   Yes, they were. Regrettably, Dad passed not long after this picture was taken and Mom passed a short time after.  They are deeply missed by me.

Atlantic City Food Guide:  We’re sorry to hear that and our sympathies to you and your family.  We really want to thank you for your time giving these interviews and the great pictures.  You are our hero in Atlantic City.  ”Uncle Paul” you are absolutely the King of Atlantic City.  Maybe , in stead of calling you “Uncle Paul” from Tony Boloney’s we should call you “King Paul”.

“Uncle Paul”:  No, Mike Hauke refused to stop calling me “Uncle Paul” as he got older.  He also insisted on introducing me to everyone as “Uncle Paul”, and it has stuck.    Also, I’m just an average guy who works hard and always has been available to help other family members, like Gregory and Mike Hauke.  As you already know I did a lot of free consulting , etc for them and it was and is very exciting and rewarding to follow the progress of the Tony Boloney brand, that I was so much a major influence and guiding light for.

Atlantic City Food Guide:  ”Uncle Paul” we love you.  Keep up the good work with the Tony Boloney brand and on behalf of the Atlantic City community many , many thanks for your relentless support for Atlantic City and the citizens.

“Uncle Paul”:  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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