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We are proud to provide the follow up to our first interview with “Uncle Paul” Hauke, on of the founders and driving forces for Tony Boloney’s Pizzeia on Oriental Ave., Atlantic City, NJ.  ”Uncle Paul” has been involved since the beginning, back in 2008.

Atlantic City Food Guide: Well, first thanks “Uncle Paul” for doing this second interview.

“Uncle Paul”:  You are most welcome.

Atlantic City Food Guide:  OK, so the first interview was from the very beginning of Tony Boloney’s Pizzeria.  That was back in 2008?

“Uncle Paul”:  Yes, that’s correct.  In 2009 the Pizzeria started to take shape.  The equipment started to arrive and be arranged. Progress was really  being made.

Atlantic City Food Guide:  Was it always going to be a Pizzeria?

“Uncle Paul”:  Yes, we never talked about anything but a Pizzeria.

Atlantic City Food Guide“:  Do you have some pictures that we can see?

“Uncle Paul”:  Yes, as promised we can do this like a series.

Atlantic City Food Guide: Absolutely, this is the second part of our series with pictures of the progress of Tony Boloney’s Pizzeria.  We can do three or four more series to bring us up to date with Tony Boloney’s Pizzeria.  Is that OK with you?

Uncle Paul”:  Sure,  the pictures that I have for today are for early 2009 and show how my design and layout came together.

Atlantic City Food Guide: You’re talking about the layout and design of the Pizzeria.

“Uncle Paul”:  Yes, correct.

Atlantic City Food Guide:  You had prior restaurant experience and that gave you the knowledge to do the layout and design?

“Paul Hauke”: Yes that’s true.  I did the design and layout and my brother ordered the equipment.  Everything went perfect, as you can see from the following pictures.

Tony Boloney's 2009

Tony Boloney's Taking Shape - Equipment and Layout - 2009

Tony Boloney's Pizzeria - Taking Shape - Equipment and Layout

Tony Boloney's Pizzeria - Taking Shape - Equipment and Layout

Tony Boloney's Pizzeria - 300 Oriental Ave., Atlantic City - Thanks "Uncle Paul"

Atlantic City Food Guide: Great pictures. Great series.  Thanks “Uncle Paul”.  You’re like the historian for Tony Boloney’s Pizzeria.

“Uncle Paul”:  I documented the Tony Boloney’s progress with pictures, as it is a great accomplishment.  I also documented the construction of the Revel which was being constructed at the same time.

Atlantic City Food Guide:  Ok , so next week we can see more pictures?

“Uncle Paul”: Yes , my pleasure.

Atlantic City Food Guide:  How about celebrities.

“Uncle Paul”:  Yes, I have my fair share of pictures with celebrities.

Atlantic City Food Guide:  Hey, maybe we can do a  series with celebrities?  We think of you “Uncle Paul” as a celebrity, you have done so much for Atlantic City.

“Uncle Paul”:  Thanks, it’s nice to be appreciated.  I’ll mix some celebrities, including myself, in the Tony Boloney Pizzeria pictures in the next few weeks.

Atlantic City Food Guide: Ok , we’ll look forward to it.

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