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We are proud to provide an interview with “Uncle Paul” Hauke, one of the founders and driving forces for Tony Boloney’s Pizzeria on Oriental Ave., Atlantic City , NJ .  ”Uncle Paul” has been involved since the beginning , back in 2008.

Atlantic City Food Guide:  OK , so tell us , how did the Tony Boloney’s Pizzeria come about?

“Uncle Paul”:  In 2008 , Michael Hauke’s father and myself were trying to decide what to do with the abandoned building at 300 Oriental Ave., Atlantic City, NJ.  It’s in what is known as the “Marina District”, and that area was very much in need of rehabilitation.  We wanted to do our share to help Atlantic City and it’s residents, especially in this area.  We thought of a convenience/grocery store, but ruled that out since there were already two or three in the immediate area.  We realized that there were no Pizzeria’s in the area and decided to put in a Pizzeria.

Atlantic City Food Guide:  How did you come up with the name Tony Boloney’s?

“Uncle Paul”:  My father used to call me jokingly “Tony Boloney”all the time.  In honor of my father I suggested the name and everyone liked it.

Atlantic City Food Guide:  We understand that you have pictures form back as far as 2008 showing the construction of Tony Boloney’s, yes?

“Uncle Paul”:  Yes I do.  I would like to release these pictures gradually, rather than all at the same time.  If that is agreeable.

Atlantic City Food Guide:  We can make this a series, following the progress of Tony Boloney’s if you want.

“Uncle Paul”:    That’s a good idea, because I have a lot of pictures of the progress  of Tony Boloney’s.  Let’s start by showing the present Tony Boloney’s restaurant at 300 Oriental Ave., Atlantic City, NJ from the beginning of construction in 2008.

Tony Boloney's Exterior in 2008 During Restaurant Construction

Tony Boloney's Interior In 2008 During Construction

Tony Boloney's Interior In 2008 During Construction

Atlantic City Food Guide:  Did you design the Restaurant?

“Uncle Paul”:  Yes, with all my experience as a restaurant owner and contractor I did design and supervise the construction as a gift to my nephew Mike Hauke.

Atlantic City Food Guide?  Isn’t your business marketing?

“Uncle Paul”:  My business is Marketing.  In my lifetime every business involves marketing.  So I have always used all my skills combined to successfully market each business.   Today the digital age has changed the way we market, but it’s still marketing. I’m the President of IFFPF Media LLC.

Atlantic City Food Guide: Who does the marketing for Tony Boloney’s?

“Uncle Paul”:  I set up the marketing programs for Tony Boloney’s. Digital marketing was the way I wanted to go.  I laid out the marketing programs for Mike Hauke to follow and he has done a good job following it.   He has stayed on course and continues to stay on course.

Atlantic City Food Guide:  So when will we see some more pictures?

“Uncle Paul”:  How about next week.

Atlantic City Food Guide:  OK , we’ll do more next week.

“Uncle Paul”:  Great!





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